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Hazelwood Atatürk School.
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Batı Londra Türk Okulu
Blackfen Turkish School
Diyanet Vakfı Haftasonu Okullu
Dr Fazil Küçük Turkish School
Eltham Turkish School
Edmonton Salisbury Turkish School
Enfield Turkish School
Grange Park Turkish School.
Hülya Turkish School.

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Namık Kemal Turkish School.
New Malden Manor Turkish School.
Oakthorpe Turkish School.

Türk Islamic Cultural Trust Schools.
Fatih Türk Okulu.

Süleymaniye Türk Okulu
The Green Türk Okulu
Valide Sultan Türk Okulu

Waltham Forest Turkish School.

Wimbledon Turk Okullu

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Bickley Turkish Club 


Turkish Language and Culture supplementary schools have been established for over 28 years
There are about 30 Turkish supplementary around London currently teaching around 3000 children.
All Turkish Language and Culture supplementary schools are voluntary groups whose management committees consist primarily of parents.

The majority of Turkish Language and Culture schools are members of the Consortium. The Consortium looks to engage in areas common to all schools and initiates projects for the benefit of all the Schools. These include fact-finding visits to Universities for pupils of various age groups, organising conferences for parents/carers and seminars for teachers to maintain high standards of teaching, among others.


Turkish Schools are proven route to raising standards among Turkish children.
By raising educational standards we provide children with equality of opportunities.
By encouraging parent to take their children to Turkish schools will reduce underachievement of our children.


Our schools Turkish curriculum has been designed to support mainstream education. The topics your son/daughter are being taught in mainstream schools are supported in the Turkish schools curriculum. This allows children to consolidate their learning whilst learning their mother tongue
There are annual tests based upon the curriculum that allow schools to measure their success. The numbers and grades of successful GCSE and AS/A2 results are available from many schools and provide a good indication of schools teaching success.


Each year hundreds of pupils attain good grades in GCSE and AS/A2 exams. Most pupils pass their exams at least one year before they sit exams in mainstream schools. Therefore have a clear academic advantage over those that do not attend Turkish Schools.
Turkish Language examination results are accredited certificates of attainment and as such are accepted by universities. They provide Turkish children with an academic edge when applying for higher education courses


Employed teachers are fully qualified. The vast majority of local teachers either teach in mainstream schools or are past teachers. The Turkish Embassy and the TRNC Representative Office provides a number of teachers.


Turkish Schools provide a broad base of facilities including Turkish Language, Culture and sporting activities, and supplementing mainstream education. through booster classes in core subjects such as English, Maths and Science. To help raise standards further some schools run SAT booster classes and homework clubs.
Whilst children learn, parents have the opportunity to meet and socialise with their peers. Turkish schools are an oasis for contact with other Turkish parents. Many schools organise activities for parents on a regular basis.


Extra-curricular activities are very popular with pupils. Most schools offer a variety of extra-curricular activities both cultural and sports based. The main cultural activity is traditional Turkish folk dancing. Musical instruments and Turkish chorus singing is also widely available. Most schools will offer Turkish poetry and general knowledge too. The main sporting activity is football and there are strong links between some schools and the Turkish junior league.


Contact any of the schools on the details provided. Alternatively turn up at any of our member schools and ask for an application form. Most schools will be happy to provide a 1 weeks trial before commitment.


All Turkish Language and Culture schools are independent voluntary groups. Few have any formal funding and most pay rent for school premises and teachers fees. The subscription fees for most schools covers a proportion of the costs and the balance is obtained through fund raising. Fees will vary between schools depending on local funding. Most members offer discounts for large sibling groups.


A number of schools work closely with mainstream schools. They run joint booster courses in core GCSE subjects and homework clubs. Since the creation of the Turkish schools Consortium all schools have to varying degrees worked in partnership and one aim of the Consortium is to develop partnership arrangements between Turkish schools.


Information is available from any member school. Alternatively you can send an email to the Consortium contact address and we can either arrange for someone to call you or to respond back to you by email.