Turkish Language Culture and Education Consortium

Foundation of the Turkish Language Culture and Education consortium was prepared by the Council of Turkih Cypriot association’s Education committee on July 2000 by bringing 18 Turkish Supplementary schools together and organizing monthly education meetings until establishment of the Consortium on 10th July 2003 as an independent body.

The majority of Turkish Language and Culture schools are members of the Consortium. The Consortium looks to engage in areas common to all schools and initiates projects for the benefit of all the Schools. These include fact-finding visits to Universities for pupils of various age groups, organising conferences for parents/carers and seminars for teachers to maintain high standards of teaching, among others.

Turkish Language Culture and Education Consortium's Business Plan

Download Consortium Policies Template For Schools




Chairperson: Kelami Dedezade

Deputy Chairs: Ahmet Havalı and Filiz Short       

Treasurer: Abdullah Halisdemir

Secretary: Özlem Engür

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